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Office partition systems – lovingly referred to as cubicles – have come a long way over the past few decades. But unfortunately, many businesses are still using outdated styles that make the office a dull and uninspiring place to work.


At Rampart, we design modern partition systems that transform offices into inviting and productive spaces. In this post, we look at the key disadvantages of the traditional office cubicle and reasons to transition to the sophisticated design options of Rampart's moodspace systems.

Out with the old

There are several inherent problems with old-fashioned cubicle designs, which are still found in many businesses today:
  • Outdated design: These boring gray and beige cubicles are relics from the past, and yet they continue to be installed by businesses that don't realize better options exist. The old-fashioned designs make the office feel outdated, potentially hurting employee morale as well.
  • Limited flexibility: One of the main reasons why cubicles got a bad rap was that the designs were so limited and homogenous, resulting in rooms full of monochromatic walls. The limited designs meant that all the cubicles looked the same and had few customization options.
  • Not built for today's electrical & telecommunications needs: Older-style cubicles have few options for hiding the many wires that are essential for today's offices, making workspaces feel cluttered and even hazardous.

In with the new


Rampart's moodspace solutions are a modern alternative to traditional cubicles, built for versatility, flexibility and aesthetic. We have been perfecting the design for more than 40 years, updating it for an ever-evolving office environment. And, since our moodspace panels can be easily integrated with our office systems, like moodwall, there are nearly endless configuration options, allowing you to find the perfect layout for your space.


What is moodspace?


Think of it as the modern cubicle. It's a sophisticated and flexible office partition system that balances functionality with striking designs, so your space can be both practical and beautiful.

Our cubicles can be configured with round corners, glass panels, colorful fabrics and so much more. The finish options alone include melamine, veneer, glass and painted or fabric panels – so that you can coordinate the look of your workstations with other aspects of your interior design.

But the versality extends well beyond aesthetic too. We've designed our moodspace solutions to be functional in every office environment, offering layout options to fit every need. Example options include:

  • Short partitions for semi-private divisions between workspaces
  • Mid- and full-size cubicle walls to separate desks that share an office
  • Complete cubicle systems to divvy up closed office layouts
Further customization options allow you to configure and extend the cubicles with additional components to meet the needs of your workers or your desired aesthetic. You can attach shelving and furniture using adaptable hardware and add glass extensions or stackable panels. Our moodspace systems also allow you to run modular electrical wiring mid-level or in the bases of any panel, so that wires are neatly and safely concealed.

End result: an attractive and inviting workspace that elevates the look of your entire office and helps workers stay productive and inspired.


Find the right solution for your office


Learn more about our moodwall office cubicles and other wall systems. Contact us to speak with our experts today.