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Why Demountable Office Walls? 4 Benefits to Consider

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In the modern office, today’s organizations are hard-pressed to keep their on-site workforce motivated and inspired, while also adapting to an ever-changing business environment.

In just the past two years alone, we’ve seen how a global pandemic can swiftly upend businesses and create a massive shift in how we think about the workplace.

In the early months of Covid-19, for example, businesses faced the urgent challenge of enabling employees to work remotely, while also ensuring the health and safety of their critical on-site workers. This meant implementing new distancing protocols that often required overhauls to the office design. Two years later, businesses are still adapting to a new era of hybrid work, along with the increased challenge of increasing employee turnover rates.

How can businesses create a workspace that keeps employees engaged, while also being able to adapt quickly to future unknowns? The design of the office plays a central role.

Demountable office walls from Rampart offer several benefits to help businesses overcome these challenges.


Easier installation?


Rampart’s demountable office walls are inherently quicker and simpler to install than traditional construction. This means businesses can rapidly design and deploy their office systems at a fraction of the usual time. Faster and easier installation also reduces the disruption to your office, ultimately helping the bottom line.


Endless configuration options


Our architectural walls can be configured in numerous ways, with numerous construction materials. This allows businesses to design an entire office with demountable walls in various sizes to accommodate individual workspaces, conference rooms, casual meeting spaces and other areas.

Our moodwall P5, for example, has multiple fascia options to allow for many design possibilities. You can blend glass with solid panels or use combinations of horizontal and vertical lines for your walls. Solid panels can be melamine, laminate, wood veneer, back-painted glass, markerboards, tackboards or acoustic panels. And with the adjustable levelers, these walls can be installed in nearly any application, with even the greatest floor and ceiling deviations.


Greater flexibility


Since the walls are demountable, they can also be easily reconfigured. This gives businesses the option to make changes to their office design as needs change over time, without the need for costly renovations.

This flexibility is an invaluable benefit in the modern office, especially at a time of so much upheaval in the workplace. It enables businesses to quickly adapt to evolving trends and other unexpected challenges.


Attractive aesthetics


As organizations move away from remote work and ask employees to return to the office, they face the heightened challenge of creating a more attractive space. To prevent turnover and employee dissatisfaction, these spaces need to be inviting, modern and representative of their brand values.

Rampart’s demountable architectural walls deliver the perfect balance of form and function, offering a clean, beautiful aesthetic for modern workspaces. And with so many different design options, these systems can transform the look and feel of any office environment.


Learn more?


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