How Moveable Office Walls Can Completely Change a Room

Do you ever drift off into space and daydream about what your office space could look like? Redesigning an office layout typically takes more energy, time, and money than we want it to. Luckily, not all redesigns require complete reconstruction.

Enter: moveable office walls

Moveable walls, also known as modular walls, have long offered an adaptable and flexible solution for workplaces that need to change and grow.

Moveable office walls

No matter your design approach or type of organization you run, moveable wall systems are built to reduce the time and effort it takes to disassemble, move or reconfigure.

What demountable office walls can do for your space


1. Add beauty with design possibilities

Moveable walls can incorporate metal, wood, glass, or a combination of materials to suit any space. Glass wall systems, in particular, are becoming a go-to trend in office design as they multiply the amount of natural light within rooms and larger office spaces.

Coloured walls and partitions are a great way to integrate your brand into the place you work. By using brand colours and visual themes in your office design, you create an environment that’s cohesive with your organization’s identity while showcasing your professionalism to clients and stakeholders.

Colourful glass office partition design

Plus, if your branding changes or if your approach to office design changes direction, you can easily demount and replace moveable walls to adjust.

2. Foster focus and concentration

There’s no question that employees need spaces built for concentration, especially with the open office trend taking over in recent years.

Moveable walls and partition systems can divide large rooms into multiple productive, private environments and concentration booths. These can be open and transparent, using glass partitions, or completely private with opaque walls.

You aren’t just changing layout when you offer these private rooms—you’re also providing acoustically conditioned spaces to help employees block out noise and focus better.

3. Enable social interaction and collaboration

Research shows that positive social interactions in the workplace bolster the body and mind’s resourcefulness—e.g. improving cardiovascular and hormonal patterns. These improvements in physiological well-being convert to better employee engagement, improve work performance, and reduce absenteeism.

Demountable glass walls in modern office

When demountable office walls are used strategically, spaces like sitting areas, meeting rooms, and even hallways can be enhanced to encourage social interaction. For example, you can partially wall off a small corner and place lounge chairs to create a one-on-one space for informal chats, well-needed coffee breaks, or even for critical work discussions that need some privacy.

4. Use space more efficiently

Moveable wall systems allow you to quickly change the layout of your office to accommodate changing business demands, team sizes, or restructuring. Large meeting rooms can be separated into smaller rooms, creating more workspaces and making the most out of your space.

Moveable glass partition systems can transform your office

There’s a common thread between all the capabilities of movable walls: they have transformative power. Without completely redesigning and reconstructing your office space, you can make substantial changes to all parts of your office that benefit productivity, efficiency, and employee well-being.

And instead of bracing yourself through days of noisy, messy drywall installation, you get to kick back and relax while demountable office walls allow simple, intuitive office layout changes to happen before your eyes.

Thinking about movable glass walls options for your office? Check out moodwall P1, the pure and simple glass wall system.