Where to Find the Best Movable Office Walls in Canada

When a client hires you to design a modern workspace, you need wall solutions that are both adaptable to various designs and beautiful.

In this post, we’ll highlight the architectural walls in our product line and discuss what sets them apart from other demountable walls.

Pure and simple demountable office walls

We refer to our moodwall P1 and P2 solutions as pure and simple because we design them to enhance modern workspaces by harnessing transparency and clarity. Sometimes you need an element that accentuates other design components rather than pulling focus on its own.

You don’t want every element competing for attention because it’s exhausting to the eye, and in an office setting, a sensory overload of busy visuals would be detrimental to productivity. It would also likely result in all elements blending into one another. After all, if everything stands out, nothing does.


Our P1 and P2 solutions are demountable by design so that they can keep pace with the evolution of any workspace. They boast strong acoustic absorption and intelligent features compatible with maglocks, electric strikes, and more, making them a suitable solution for most office environments.

The extra difference we make is with our team’s expertise. We take a top-to-bottom approach from consultation to installation, so we can help designers and their clients avoid mistakes that might cause delays or increase costs.

Acoustic glass walls for total sound control

The ability to control the quality of sound in an office is vital for maintaining a peaceful, productive work environment. With many businesses developing their offices in central locations in major cities with dense populations, noise disruptions from street traffic or construction can derail any employee’s focus.

As a glass wall manufacturer that supplies acoustic walls for modern offices and workspaces, we ensure sound control is well above the industry average in all our moodwall products. The standard STC rating for single pane glass is around 27, and the standard for dual pane glass is about 38. Our single glass solutions obtain up to an STC 35 and up to 45 depending on the glass type you choose.many businesses developing their offices in central locations in major cities with dense populations, noise disruptions from street traffic or construction can derail any employee’s focus.

Additionally, we understand that designers and architects want adaptable, highly customizable fixtures to suit various layouts, designs, and uses. That’s why we manufacture our glass wall products to be highly customizable—we don’t want our products to stifle your creative freedom.

Look at what Snøhetta Architects did with our moodwall P4 acoustic walls in the Ryerson Student Learning Centre in Toronto.

Ryerson Student Learning Centre orange movable office wall Ryerson Student Learning Centre reception area with green movable office walls

Adaptable architectural walls

For the designer or architect who can never find enough customization options with wall solutions, there’s moodwall P5.

We manufacture top-tier modular wall systems to maximize any design. With independent, interchangeable fascia modules, you can adjust your designs without removing adjacent parts or sections.

The configuration potential of stick-built wall systems ensures extensive design options to accommodate various tastes and budgets. Although they take a bit more initial labour to install than prefabricated wall units, the cost is off-set by the longevity of the product and the flexibility to re-configure the wall modules as the needs of the space change over time.

The best glass walls with the best team

At Rampart, our goal is to make the lives of designers and architects easier with high quality, turnkey glass wall solutions.

We also know that a great product is nothing without a great team. By collaborating with us, we can find the perfect balance of function and beauty, and we can see the project through to a smooth installation.

Want to see how our solutions can fit your designs and budget? Get a quote today!


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