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4 Ways to Modernize the Office


4 Ways to Modernize the Office


If your office hasn't been updated in the last decade or more, then chances are it's desperately in need of a refresh.

In a post-pandemic world, having a modern and inviting workspace is critical for attracting (and retaining) the best talent. A modern office creates a more comfortable and productive work environment. Plus, it shows employees that the company cares about its people and is on top of the latest trends.

On the flip side, an outdated office can feel dull, stifling and embarrassingly behind the times.

If your office is due for an update, here are 4 enhancements to consider.


1) Rethink traditional office walls


One of the hallmarks of an outdated office is a stuffy workspace enclosed with walls in every direction (or drowning in a sea of dense, 90s-era cubicles).

An effective way to update this space is to replace these opaque barriers with architectural walls made of glass. Glass office walls not only look modern but also serve an important purpose of enhancing natural light and creating a more open feel.

Rampart's demountable moodwall systems are customizable and available in numerous styles to fit the needs of any office, from low-profile glass partition systems to expansive floor-to-ceiling glass walls for conference rooms and other spaces.


2) Switch to sleeker and smarter furniture


Aside from its practical functionality, office furniture plays a significant role in the overall look and feel of a workspace. For example, if desks and chairs are big, bulky and dated, they can make the space feel cramped and overwhelming. Similarly, if individual workstations don't offer ideal cable management, then they'll feel cluttered and chaotic.

A simple solution is replacing that outdated furniture with pieces that are sleeker, more ergonomic, more organized and more aligned with the other modern elements in your office.


3) Make your lighting brilliant


Eliminate harsh, cold lighting and switch to fixtures that invigorate the space. Above, we mentioned the value of enhancing natural lighting with glass walls. But it’s equally important to choose lighting that feels bright and "natural," even if it's artificial.

Dim or otherwise inadequate lighting can hurt employees' energy levels and morale. By brightening the space with more modern lighting options (including modern fixtures), you'll create a comfortable work environment that's more conducive to productivity.

Finally, be sure to maximize natural light as much as possible by keeping windows unobstructed.


4) Leverage the latest technology


From office automation to robust conferencing solutions, there are numerous technologies that can make your space more modern and efficient.

Touchscreen tabletop panels in meeting rooms … smartboards … touchless entry systems … HD video-conferencing solutions … automated lighting and shading … game-room A/V systems … These are just a few of the many possibilities. In addition to modernizing the office, each of these systems offers unique benefits, such as improved team collaboration, better communication with off-site/hybrid teams and stronger employee morale.


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