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4 benefits of architectural wall systems in offices

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Office configurations and operational needs often change, whether it’s due to a changing layout, changing number of employees or for other varying circumstances. Renovations are expensive and, as a decision-maker, you definitely don’t want to invest in major remodeling jobs when circumstances may very well dictate change.

A perfect solution is to invest in architectural wall systems from Rampart. These innovative structures are completely demountable, which means they can be taken down and reconfigured over and over again to meet various needs.

Consider the following four ways modular office walls could benefit your office.

1. Add extra private office space when necessary

Open office solutions have been a popular trend in recent years. However, this layout doesn’t work for all employees or in certain types of industries. There are times when employees need their privacy, especially if they routinely work with sensitive and/or confidential information. Architectural office walls allow you to create floor-to-ceiling dividers to give people extra private office space when needed. Changing office configurations is a snap.

Rampart understands nothing is necessarily permanent. Want to add offices to make room for new employees brought onboard? Never a problem, because you can reconfigure or add new walls anytime you need to.

2. Build new meeting spaces as needed

Architectural wall systems are highly adaptable. Need new meeting spaces that offer a sound barrier? Easy to do. Any time your office needs to add to, resize or change existing office space, you can build them as you need. Then remove and repurpose your walls if and when needs change. No worries about spending valuable money out of your budget to pay for permanent renovations that are difficult to convert or change down the road.

3. Ability to easily adapt to changing needs

No longer do you have to worry about unsightly cubicle structures that don’t really offer people the privacy they need nor suit the purposes you had them installed for. Instead, beautiful architectural walls can add a great aesthetic and be easily adaptable.

For instance, the COVID-19 pandemic turned the world topsy-turvy, and due to social distancing guidelines, it was difficult for offices to maintain safe spaces. However, moodwall solutions are a game-changer, because offices can now easily – and affordably – create socially distanced workspaces where people can work under conditions that keep everyone safe. The best thing is, your office space can stay fluid even after you rearrange it.

4. Enjoy the same features as ‘regular’ walls

Regardless of the architectural wall system solution you choose, you can integrate the features you prefer. Choose from a variety of frame, door and wall options to suit your style and needs. If you’re looking for other unique features not offered by traditional cubicle walls, look no further. The moodwall P1 offers intelligent features that make them compatible with mag locks, card readers, electric strikes and more.

Stylish and functional offices made easy

Rampart’s moodwall office systems offer an entire range of customizable wall options for the modern office. Designed and manufactured in Montreal, Rampart Partitions brings its 40 years of experience with the most elegant and practical designs. Our walls will help your organization scale back on costs, save time and give you the flexibility you need to maintain stylish and functional office space. Our walls and partitions work well with pretty much every design due to their timeless appeal.

Ready to outfit your office space with customizable, reusable wall options? Give your employees a boost in their work experience. Enjoy the increased productivity and collaborative benefits in deliverables. Contact Rampart today to learn more about our four different moodwall systems, as well as our other office solutions, or to obtain a free quote. We’re happy to answer any questions!