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In an office setting, glass walls can perform several important functions, providing privacy, noise reduction, and adding to the overall aesthetic of the workspace. And in the current environment of social distancing, keeping offices separate, yet together, has never been more important. This COVID-19 environment has presented a challenge for office spaces. You want to be able to see your employees and for them to be able to collaborate and feel like they are a cohesive unit. However, you want to provide a barrier that will help keep everyone in the office safe. Glass walls provide a good way to be visible and safe at the same time.


Ideas for using glass walls in your office


While you want your office to be safe and functional, you also want your work space to be stylish and attractive to visitors and employees alike. The good news is that you don't have to sacrifice style for functionality and safety. Let's look at a few ways to use glass walls well in your office space.


1. Install floor-to-ceiling glass walls.

Floor-to-ceiling glass walls allow the light to flow from the outside windows while still offering private offices to your top employees.


2. Create a transparent conference room.

Another way to effectively use glass partitions is to create a glass-enclosed conference room in the middle of your office space. Anyone on the floor can see if it's in use; it doesn't block out an entire section of the floor; and meeting participants can still maintain privacy and be able to talk confidentially.


3. Use opaque or translucent glass for privacy.

Partially opaque and translucent glass allow for a degree of privacy, while still letting in light. You can use the opaque portions of a glass wall to add to the design of the office, such as adding a wave-like pattern. You can achieve this look using a variety of films or acid-etched glass.


4. Use glass partitions to create a light-filled hallway.


Too often, office hallways are dark and uninviting. Make your hallways bright and welcoming by creating glass-enclosed work spaces that open onto the hallway. You can use opaque glass mid-way up the wall for privacy, while allowing the top portion of the panels to be clear to let light flow through the space.


5. Use glass walls to create a private area that's still part of the office whole.

Glass walls can also be used to create a quiet area within your office, such as huddle rooms or other shared spaces – somewhere employees can go to do research or work that they need to concentrate on away from the office din. Libraries use these areas as reference libraries and enforce a strict "no talking" policy. As with the other projects, this quiet area is still within view of the rest of the office, so employees don't feel closed in or excluded from the rest of the group.


About Rampart glass wall solutions

Montreal-based Rampart offers a variety of glass wall office solutions. Our moodwall offers sleek, contemporary design, privacy and noise reduction, while still creating a pleasant, light-filled work environment. moodwalls are demountable and can be reconfigured easily as your office dynamics change.


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