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Plexiglass Dividers for COVID-19 and Beyond | Rampart

Plexiglass Dividers for COVID-19 and Beyond

The COVID-19 pandemic forced organizations around the world to rethink their operations. One of the most pressing challenges was creating a safe distance between workers and customers to minimize the risk of viral transmission.

In response to these challenges, public health organizations recommended the use of plexiglass dividers at businesses where physical distancing was not feasible. The dividers create a physical barrier that can prevent airborne droplets from spreading between people who are in close contact. As such, these barriers are particularly ideal in retail businesses, office reception areas and on-site workspaces where frequent in-person contact occurs.

While many businesses have loosened their COVID safety measures over the past year, plexiglass dividers remain a valuable tool for preventing viral transmission, and their benefits extend beyond the pandemic as well.


A response to many unknowns


New variants of the COVID-19 virus will continue to present challenging unknowns for business. Typically, when new variants are detected, little is known about their transmissibility or their ability to cause severe illness. So even in areas with widespread adoption of vaccines, it is possible for a new variant to spread among the population before these questions are answered.

The continued use of physical barriers, such as plexiglass dividers or other partitions, provides a layer of protection that can help keep employees and customers safe.

Protection for seasonal viruses


COVID-19 isn't the only threat to your workers. Seasonal flu and other viruses that make your employees sick can cause costly disruptions to your operations. Plexiglass dividers can prevent those viruses from spreading during close-contact encounters, helping to keep your workforce healthy.


Peace of mind and a visible reminder


Plexiglass dividers also serve as a visible reminder to maintain physical distancing. In a retail setting, for instance, the presence of a barrier will naturally create distance between the employee and customer. Additionally, the divider helps to illustrate that your establishment takes the health of its workers seriously, while also providing peace of mind to customers.


High-quality options


At Rampart, we offer a variety of privacy panels and dividers that provide an attractive layer of protection in retail settings, offices and other environments. Our table-mounted and ceiling-suspended privacy panels are a high-quality alternative to plexiglass, made of durable 1/4” (6 mm) thick polycarbonate. The panels are available in clear and frosted options for settings in which greater privacy is desired (such as between two workstations). Plus, the polycarbonate is easy to clean, enabling businesses to maintain proper sanitization.

Our ceiling-suspended panels are available in multiple sizes and include the suspension panels for easy installation. Our table-mounted panels offer numerous configuration options to fit nearly any desk or table layout in your workspace.

For larger barriers between desks, consider our large desk dividers, available in freestanding and mountable options, which feature the same high-quality polycarbonate material.


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