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How to Achieve Office Privacy without Isolation | Rampart

Maintaining privacy and physical distance between workers became a top priority during the

COVID-19 pandemic. But even prior to the global health crisis, businesses with "open office" plans faced the unique challenge of giving employees their own private space while also creating an open environment that encourages collaboration.

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How do you create separation between workers without isolating them? Here are a few effective solutions.

1) Desk dividers


See-through desk dividers like our moodprivacy products are a great way to separate workstations without sacrificing natural light or isolating workers behind bulky cubicle walls. They're great in open offices, because the glass helps to maintain the open, inviting feel of the space, while still giving workers their own enclosed space to be productive. Workers can see each other and feel connected to each other, while also maintaining privacy.

Our moodprivacy desk dividers are available in freestanding options that can be easily placed between desks and relocated when needed. Installation is quick and easy, with no drilling needed. You can choose from polycarbonate or glass panels, which are available in multiple finishes and frosted options for even greater privacy.


2) Acoustic panels and baffles


Physical privacy isn't the only area of concern in today's workplaces, especially in open offices. Large, open rooms filled with workers are incredibly noisy if nothing is done to curb the sound. This is where audible privacy becomes critical, with noise-control solutions that dampen sound so that teams can stay productive.

Our moodacoustic products promote this privacy by absorbing sound to create quieter, less distracting work environments. Options include wall and ceiling panels, suspended acoustic baffles, and diffusers made from perforated metal or wood slats. Solutions can be matched to existing walls and ceilings, so that you don't even notice them. Or, they can be customized with printed patterns or images to catch the eye.


3) Designated productivity spaces


Open offices can benefit from having designated spaces for working in privacy, away from the hustle-and-bustle of the rest of the office. To maintain the open feel of the environment, these spaces can be located around the perimeter of the office, to be used whenever workers need some quiet for client calls, brainstorming and other projects.

Our demountable office walls are great for creating these enclosed, distraction-free workspaces while maintaining the fresh and open aesthetic of the office.


4) Natural elements


Adding natural elements to the office, known as biophilic design, is another effective way to create privacy between workspaces without hampering the open look. Large plants, water features and wood accents are all good options that can help to create visible separation between workers without the need for larger barriers.


Find your office privacy solution


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