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What to Know about Acoustic Panels | Rampart Acoustic Wall Panels


Acoustic panels are typically designed with a combination of fabric and foam, and they can be shaped and sized to custom-fit any space where improvements in sound quality is desired. Their primary purpose is to absorb and remove any residual and distracting sounds while localizing and containing any noises that are intended to be heard.

In areas where people are in close proximity attempting to communicate, such as call centers or busy offices separated by partitions, acoustic panels can absorb or diffuse sounds quickly from the primary point of reflection, which is optimal for concert halls and large auditoriums. When properly placed, acoustic wall panels can alter the acoustical conditions of most any space or outdoor environment to achieve the outcome desired.

In What Environments are Acoustic Panels Commonly Installed?


You don’t necessarily need a lot of space to solve noise complaints, and our experts at Rampart can assist in identifying any points of reflection, explain the best places to use panels and discuss sizing options. Some clients who seek out acoustic panel solutions include:

  • Bars & Restaurants: Customers, music and preparation areas in these venues can grow noisy, and acoustic panels can reduce noise transmission.
  • Auditoriums, Music Studios & Concert Halls: Soundproofing panels improve sound clarity and quality while reducing echoes and background noise.
  • Apartments & Condos: Increase privacy with installed panels between common walls.
  • Gyms & Schools: Loud games or practices, band and choral practice, students traveling in halls equals noise that can be tamped down with acoustic panels.
  • Hotels & Homes: A quiet home—especially one near busy roads or filled with children—is important for many. In hotels, soundproofing is a must for guests to enjoy a restful stay.
  • Libraries & Museums: Every library and museum prizes quiet that allows guests to focus and concentrate. Panels can allow low-volume conversations to be carried on without distracting other visitors.
  • Shared Office Spaces & Conference Rooms: Big meetings are often kept private and shared office spaces with dividers can prohibit privacy. Strategically placed acoustic panels can be a huge benefit in avoiding distractions in the office.

Where Acoustic Wall Panels Can Be Placed


There are many ways that acoustic panels can be installed, and what determines the best option involves establishing their purpose, the size of the space and the frequencies and sound desired. From wall panels—some that are decorative and almost invisible—to ceiling and suspended acoustic panels, Rampart can help you find the right solution.

Vertical acoustic panels are excellent for mitigating sound transfer between sides of a room. They lower background noise to acceptable levels. Horizontally placed acoustic panels are primarily used to directly absorb sound waves. By converting sound energy into heat through friction, they prevent sound waves from spreading.

If wall space is minimal, consider ceiling panels or suspended ceiling panels. These work with what is known as the proximity effect, in which the panels can be adjusted to varying heights to specifically target certain frequencies. These are very versatile and take up space that is often unused.

Why Rampart's moodacoustic is Superior


Rampart specializes in wall, ceiling and suspended acoustic baffles and diffusers crafted from the most resilient wood slats or perforated metals and materials. Rampart's moodacoustic series features the most efficient sound-absorbing acoustic panels on the market.

We use eco-friendly fiberglass, recycled PET and mineral wool in our products that have STC values between 27 and 45, depending on the composition of glass used. Our designers can even craft panels with natural elements for modern offices seeking discreet sound solutions.

Set Your Space Apart with Rampart Acoustic Panel Installation


Rampart has been in the acoustic panel industry for over 30 years and works with all kinds of clients—no job is too big or too small for our experts. Whether you want to control, shape or improve sound controls and dynamics in your facility, we have a moodacoustic solution for you! Contact Rampart online or call 800-724-6600 for a free quote.