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A Closer Look at Our Demountable Office Walls | Rampart

Demountable office walls from Rampart allow you to easily configure a beautiful workspace that can be modified to adapt to new needs over time. And since there are multiple styles to choose from, you can design your wall systems to fit your specific preferences and interior aesthetic.

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Our moodwall systems are high-quality demountable office walls that come in 4 different solutions, each available with multiple design features and customizable options. Each solution offers unique advantages, while all of them are compatible with each another and can be combined with other systems to enhance the functionality and aesthetic of your workspace.

Here are some of the key differences between the 4 moodwall styles to help you find the right option for your needs.

1) moodwall P1

moodwall P1 is a single glass wall built for transparency, collaboration and beautiful simplicity. It features a low-profile design, which helps workspaces feel more open, while still providing ample privacy to your team members.

       • P1's panel composition has cutting-edge acoustic properties that help to reduce noise and minimize distractions.

       • Like all our moodwall demountable wall systems, P1 is compatible with electric strikes, mag locks, card readers, soft open and soft close sliding doors and more.

2) moodwall P2

moodwall P2 is defined by its clean, minimalist design, which embraces transparency and natural light to enhance your office environment while still maintaining acoustic privacy (with STC ratings ranging from 27 to 35 depending on the glass type).

• P2's enhanced acoustics moodwall promotes productivity in private environments and closed offices.

• The frameless glass system (found on all our moodwall systems) can be used alone or combined to create a bespoke work environment.

3) moodwall P4

moodwall P4 takes acoustic privacy to the next level with double glass walls, designed to reduce noise and support a workspace. P4 features frameless glass and structural aluminum with two glass panes in each partition, striking the perfect balance between acoustics and transparency.

       • Available with single or double glazing to fit your needs.

       • P4 provides remarkable clarity and industry-leading acoustics for the contemporary office.

4) moodwall P5

moodwall P5 is the ultimate architectural wall solution, designed with independent modules of framed glass panels and solid panels. Multiple fascia options allow for virtually unlimited design possibilities, maximizing the creativity and flexibility of your space.

       • Adjustable levelers allow P5 to be installed in nearly any environment, even in spaces with uneven floors and ceilings.

       • P5's multiple fascia options allow you to blend glass with solid panels or try combinations of horizontal and vertical lines for your walls. Fascia modules can be switched out at any time, with no need to remove adjacent parts and sections.

       • P5 is designed with an inner cavity that allows you to conceal electrical, data wiring, plumbing and gas line services.

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