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How to Incorporate Your Brand in Your Office Design | Rampart


What makes your workspace different from any other office? When employees enter the office, do they feel connected to the company they work for? Or, is it no different than entering any other workplace?

Your employees likely spend the bulk of their waking hours at the office, carrying out tasks and responsibilities that help your company grow. As such, your office needs to be an inviting, comfortable space that serves as a reflection of your company. If you’re not incorporating your brand and values into that space, then coming to work probably feels no different than any other “job.”

In this post, we look at 4 simple ways to incorporate your brand into your office design, so your teams feel more connected with (and proud of) the company they work for.


1) Brand colors


Incorporating your brand into your office doesn’t have to mean plastering the company name all over the place. All it takes is a little color.

Consider adding some of the colors from your logo throughout the office. This can be done with accent walls or with splashes of color on ceiling panels, partition systems and other architectural elements throughout the space.

No need to go overboard. A little bit of color goes a long way. At the very least, start by adding color to your reception areas or entryways, so employees and visitors get a taste of your branding every time they enter the office.


2) Logos


Again, less is more. While it’s common for organizations to place their logo in reception areas, there are additional ways to incorporate the image throughout the office – without making the space look like a giant billboard.

For example, you might consider adding the logo subtly to the glass walls of your conference rooms or partitions. Logos can also be added to floors, nameplates and meeting spaces – places where the image will make an impact without detracting from the aesthetic of the space.


3) Text of company values, vision or slogan


In addition to your logo (or as an alternative to it), you can incorporate the text of your company values, vision, mission statement and slogan throughout the office. This is a creative way to incorporate your branding while also reminding employees and visitors what the company stands for. It’s also visually interesting. It’s a simple design element that gives your office walls a compelling, custom appearance.


4) Architectural design


The design of your office says a lot about your brand regardless of whether your logo or colors are incorporated.

If your company prides itself on being innovative and forward-thinking, then this should be reflected in the architectural design of the space. Consider working with a design partner to modernize your space with glass architectural walls, unique meeting spaces, comfortable lounge areas and other design elements.

Updating your office will show that your organization is serious about its vision (and serious about creating an inviting, unique space for the people who work there every day).


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