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5 Fresh Office Design Ideas for 2022 | Rampart

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Offices have not been the same since the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the globe in 2020 – and there will undoubtedly be plenty of uncertainty in the year ahead. However, as organizations continue to adapt, they have the opportunity to create engaging, beautiful workspaces that are safe and inspiring to work in.


In 2022, office design is all about making workspaces comfortable and conducive to productivity, so that workers genuinely love coming to work every day. Here are some design ideas to make it happen at your organization.

1) Designer comforts


At a time when many companies are fluctuating between on-site and remote work arrangements, making physical workspaces more comfortable has never been more important. One strategy to consider is incorporating design elements into the office that are ordinarily found only at home.

Examples include:

  • Designer window treatments, shades and/or curtains
  • Sophisticated light fixtures (ideally with warm light)
  • Area rugs
  • Plants and indoor trees

Each of these elements helps to make the office feel more "like home," making it an easier transition to come into work each day.


2) Better acoustics


This design trend is actually all about sound – or rather, the ideal lack thereof.

Office acoustics play an integral role in employees' performance by affecting how distracting the environment is. Loud, noisy offices make it difficult to concentrate and can even cause workers to feel more drained.

One effective solution, particularly for open office layouts, is adding acoustic panels to the walls or ceiling. The panels use sound-absorbing insulation and other materials to stop noise from carrying and create acoustics that are more conducive to getting things done. Plus, they can be designed to blend in with their surroundings or create a striking accent to enhance the visual appeal of the space.


3) Office ergonomics


If you want your employees to be able to work comfortably all day, then proper ergonomics are essential.

Today's offices must be designed with workers' wellness in mind. If employees are constantly straining their necks, backs and eyes, or leaving the office feeling awful every day, then they won't be very excited about coming to work the next day.

Proper ergonomics keep workers healthy, alert and productive, lowering the risk of injury, sick time and employee turnover. This can be achieved in a number of ways:

  • More comfortable ergonomic chairs that ensure better posture and support
  • Height-adjustable desks that create the proper line of sight for looking at a monitor, while also allowing workers to occasionally stand when working
  • Smarter office layouts with separate work areas that encourage employees to move around throughout the day
  • Other ergonomic components, such as adjustable computer monitors, foot rests and wrist rests / keyboard pads


4) Glass walls & partitions


How do you create an open-office feel without all the noise that it usually brings?

Simple: with more glass. Glass walls and partitions can be used to separate spaces between workers, rooms and meeting spaces, while making the office feel larger and more open. The incorporation of glass can make the workspace feel more modern, yet also helps to create auditory privacy.


5) Touchless technology


We love the intersection of office technology and design. And with the rise of the "smart office," it's easier than ever to create fully automated environments that foster simplicity and collaboration in the workplace.

For example, today's conference-room technologies can be synced to the room's lighting, shades and attendees' devices to kick off meetings faster and provide easier control of presentation systems. Touchless capabilities also provide an additional layer of protection to reduce the risk of spreading germs in the office, thus helping to keep your workforce healthy.


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